Bride to be parties – if our partner asks us for a hand, this experience will probably become the most beautiful thing that has happened in our lives. It is so. Every woman dreams of it. Some have been around for years, others just a few months. But believe me, this is what every woman wants. And it`s logical. Only then will you realize that your partner is serious about you and that he wants to marry you, start a family with you, have children with you. These are all moments in life that are worth experiencing. Only then will you understand what is the meaning of life.


Wedding, partner life, children, family. Yes, all this. Money and nothing like that are among the priorities. Love is something that gives you support, joy, happiness. Sometimes pain too. But that`s just the way it is. No one can be perfect. Neither you, nor your friend, nor your relatives, everyone just has their faults. But this is exactly what is special and beautiful and admirable about life – that despite our mistakes, our loved ones and partner love us as we are. And that`s just a miracle. And why isn`t anyone perfect? Imagine having a partner who was perfect. It might impress you at first, but then it would seem boring to you at most.


And no wonder, because that`s just the way it is and it won`t be another. No one would enjoy perfection forever, so it is important to erect our „shortcomings“ in a relationship and turn them into perfection. Then that`s art. Although someone may not know it, it really is so in relationships. And the warm feeling that someone likes us the way we are is just worth it. That someone takes us for who we are, that he considers our mistakes to be perfect, and that he loves us and gives us everything we need: love, care, support and happiness. And that is the most beautiful thing about that, and that is what we should appreciate immensely. Don`t forget these words and be happy.